3 Things You Must See: Little Kid Cries After Dad Leaves For Work + More

1. There's a funny video online of a little boy saying goodbye to his dad as the dad leaves for work.

Right after the dad leaves, the little boy suddenly remembers he didn't tell his dad that he loves him. He breaks into tears, and runs out to catch him at the last minute, as if he thinks he'll never see him again.


2. A Guy Runs For His Life From a Rooster?

Not sure what this guy's endgame was, but I doubt it was running from a rooster as if his life depended on it. His buddy films him approaching several chickens and then a badass rooster turns on him, and chases him around the farm.


3. Amusement Park in Canada is Building

 the New World’s Fastest and Tallest Roller Coaster and There’s a Virtual Video of the Ride

Read more here.



4. A Couple Dancing On a Wharf Fall Into the Water

Some people were dancing to a band playing "Footloose" on the wharf at the Boston Harbor Hotel. And then a middle-aged couple lost their balance, went over two ropes and plunged into the water. They weren't hurt.


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