MUSIC: Disturbed Releases New Song "Are You Ready?" + More

1. Disturbed Releases New Song "Are You Ready?"


2. Check out the new GRETA VAN FLEET video, "When the Curtain Falls". 


3. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Does Not Want to Be in a Selfie with You 

AEROSMITH was on the "Today" show yesterday, officially announcing their upcoming Las Vegas residency.

And at one point, STEVEN TYLER was walking around the crowd, when a young man jumped out in front of him, put his arm around him, and tried to sneak a selfie. Steven ducked under his arm and pushed him away. 

Later, Steven Tweeted, quote, "No time, bro this is LIVE TELEVISION! Come to the show if you want an intimate experience." 


4. Pearl Jam Made a Poster with a Dead President Trump On It 

PEARL JAM played a gig in Montana on Monday, to support Democratic Senator JOHN TESTER. But the poster they made to promote the show may have gone a little beyond regular partisan politics.

It shows the White House in flames, with Tester in the sky above it on a tractor. And lying on the lawn in front of the house is PRESIDENT TRUMP's skeleton, being picked at by a bald eagle.

It was apparently a collaboration between Pearl Jam bassist JEFF AMENT and some artist. 

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5. Did Mike Ness from Social Distortion Beat Up a Trump Supporter? 

A Trump supporter named Tim Hildebrand claims he was beaten up at a SOCIAL DISTORTION concert by MIKE NESS himself. The show went down on July 19th in Sacramento.

Hildebrand says Mike started going off on Trump, so he protested by holding up his middle finger for two songs. So Ness invited him to the front of the crowd. They exchanged some words before Ness jumped off the stage and whaled on him.

Hildebrand claims the assault left him with two black eyes, a busted lip, a concussion, and a loose tooth. He says, quote, "If he wants to have a talk someday, man to man, I would love that but he would have to not be a child about it." 

WARNING!!! Profanity


6. Yes, that STEVE PERRY song "No Erasin'" was legit, 

and now you can check out the full song and video. 

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