3 Things You Must See: Guy Stuck on Very Creaky Ferris Wheel + More

1. Would You Ride This Very Creaky Ferris Wheel?

A guy in Georgia posted video of himself and his stepdaughter riding a very creaky Ferris wheel at a fair. It's giving off such a high-pitched sound that it's frightening.


2. A Security Guard Trips and Faceplants on Live TV

A security guard tried to stop a heckler from disrupting a couple of announcers doing a Braves - Marlins postgame show on Tuesday but he tripped and FACEPLANTED on live TV. He got back up right away.


3. The mayor of Hallandale Beach, Florida got in an argument with a city commissioner 

during a public meeting, and claimed her family makes its money from sphincter bleaching. The commissioner's mother apparently owns a spa where they sell skin bleaching products, but we don't know if they actually perform the service.

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4. Surgeons in China removed 87 nails and 7 push-pins

 from a guy's stomach this month. And his excuse was they must have been in something he ate, and he just didn't realize it. 

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