Lookin' At Girlzzz: DeAndre Hopkins Says He's NOT Dating Iggy! + More

1. Houston Texan DeAndre Hopkins just tweeted that he is SINGLE and NOT dating Iggy Azela! 


2. Miss Bum Bum Contestants Pose With X-Rays of Their Butts to Prove They’re Not Surgically Enhanced

View here.


3. Jessie James Decker Says People are Too Hard on Moms

Remember the photo where JESSIE JAMES DECKER was breastfeeding with a glass of wine? She's not sweating the backlash, and KNOWS she's a great mother.

Quote, "Having a small glass of champagne to toast my husband's signing to the New England Patriots was just fine. And according to my doctor, it was just fine as well."

And here's our favorite part. "People are too hard on mamas these days. Free the boob and enjoy a glass of wine. It's all good."


4. Badass 29-Year Old Nurse Becomes the First Woman in Almost 40 Years to Lift Famous 732lb. Stones in Scotland

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5. Carrie Underwood is Pregnant

CARRIE UNDERWOOD announced that she is pregnant. She and Mike Fisher already have a three-year-old son named Isiah. And she made the announcement in a funny Instagram post.


6. Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick is 33. 

The star of the "Pitch Perfect" movies.

7. Good Housekeeping Published a New Article 

Advising Women on How to Buy the Perfect Vibrator

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8. Kim Kardashian Jumped on a Trampoline in a White Bikini

Watch here.


9. We Still Believe!!!

Old Skool Birthday Gillian Anderson is 50. Special Agent Dana Scully on the "X-Files".

10. GAL GADOT might star in a movie about HEDY LAMARR.

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11. It's official: DENISE RICHARDS is joining the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".

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12. CELINE DION came to a KATY PERRY show, and Katy shared some behind-the-scenes video.


13. I can't really explain these pictures, other than to say that LILY-ROSE DEPP

 mud-wrestled a guy in his tighty-whiteys at something called the Great American Mud Wrestle event after which they both took a photo with Dog The Bounty Hunter, who was there as a guest judge.

Oh, and she was wearing skin-tight shorts with her name airbrushed on the butt.

Pics here.

14. Alexis Ren Is Always Around In Our Instagram Bullpen

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