FOOD: McDonald's Is Giving Out "McGold" Card, Free Food For Life + More

1. McDonald's Is Giving Out One "McGold" Card For Free Food For Life

McDonald's is holding a new contest right now where someone will win a "McGold" card that gets them free food for LIFE. If you win, you get two free meals a week for the next 50 years. And they say the value of that is $36,400, or $7 per meal.

You can enter the contest once a day by ordering food with their mobile app, starting tomorrow and going for the next two weeks. And they're only going to pick ONE winner. 

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2. Someone Is Selling Teddy Bears Made Out of Raw Chicken 

A woman in Louisiana just went viral for selling teddy bears made out of RAW CHICKEN. You could even cook them and eat them. But now that her chicken bears have gotten famous, she pulled down the listing.

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3. Do you get The "Drunchies"? 

A new study found more evidence that eating unhealthy food after a big night of drinking is expanding our waistline. And the researchers coined a "new" term. Instead of "drunk munchies," they're calling it "drunchies." 

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4. Is Jack in the Box's New "Check Out My Bowls" Ad Too Offensive?

Jack in the Box is taking heat for an ad for their new teriyaki bowls where their mascot keeps telling people to, "check out his bowls." "Ad Week" called it completely tone-deaf to the whole "Me Too" movement.

And the ad itself even addresses how it might be offensive. Halfway through, it cuts to a conference room. And an actor playing a CEO-type says their corporate lawyers aren't happy about it. 


5. McDonald's Is the Least Popular Fast Food Chain But Does the Most in Sales Because It's Everywhere

McDonald's is the least popular fast food chain in the country, according to a new study only 28% of people say they're loyal fans. BUT it also does the best sales numbers of any chain mainly because it's EVERYWHERE, so even though people don't love it, it's convenient.

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6. The FDA Warns That You Should Be Washing Melons Before You Cut Them Up

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7. A Dairy Queen in Canada is offering free ice cream for a year 

to anyone who can solve the mystery of the horrible gas smell inside the store. They know there's no gas leak because they've had the place tested multiple times. And yet they can't get rid of the smell.

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8. The Arizona Cardinals Will Sell a Giant $75 Burger This Year And If You Finish It, You Get a Prize

The Arizona Cardinals just announced a new burger at their stadium for the upcoming NFL season. It's $75 and has five patties, five hot dogs, five bratwursts, 20 slices of cheese, eight slices of bacon, and eight chicken tenders. And if you finish it in under an hour, you get a free jersey.

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