3 Things You Must See: Dog Crawls into Bed Wielding Butcher Knife + More

1. A Woman's Dog Crawls into Her Bed Wielding a Large Butcher Knife

This would be a terrifying and a confusing way to wake up. Some lady posted a video of her dog climbing into bed with her in the middle of the night, with a large BUTCHER KNIFE in its mouth. 


2. Little kid with diagnosed with 

Spina Bifida,myelomenigocele L3-S2, at his 20 week ultrasound has captured the hearts of the internet.

More about Roman.


3. An Angry Baseball Player Put a Trash Can Behind Home Plate and Told the Umpire, "Go to Your Home!"

A baseball player for a team in North Dakota called the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks got kicked out of a game on Monday for arguing balls and strikes. And he came up with a no-nonsense way of telling the umpire he thought he was GARBAGE.

He grabbed a trash can out of the dugout, brought it out on the field, put it right behind home plate then pointed at it, and told him to "go to [his] home."

Warning: F-bombs and other profanity from :30 to :50

 He brings the trash can out at 1:02



4. A Dad Choreographed a Dance With His Daughter Strapped to His Chest


5. Driver Caught Two Mountain Lions Brawling in the Middle of the Road in Montana


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