MUSIC: Woman Crowd Surfing In Wheel Chair At Warped Tour + More

1. Check out video from the final Warped Tour 

of a woman "crowd surfing" in a wheelchair. Technically, people were just passing her up to the front, but still.


2. Outtakes From "Sonic Highways" Were Released on YouTube Yesterday


3. Slash Says New GNR Music Could Be on the Way

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4. A Burger King in London Will Play Toto's "Africa" Non-Stop For an Entire Day

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5. Check out 10 classic albums that the critics hated, but the rest of us loved. 

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6. Is AC/DC recording a new album with drummer PHIL RUDD?

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7. Dee Snider Says Twisted Sister Should NOT Be in the Hall of Fame

Ask any member of any Platinum-selling rock band if they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame and they'll say YES. Well, maybe not ALL of them.

In a recent interview, DEE SNIDER of TWISTED SISTER was discussing his band's impact on music, and he said, quote, "I am an egomaniac and a narcissist but not to the point where I think, or if people say, if Twisted Sister should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

"No, we shouldn't. No, we don't make that mark."

The band has been eligible since 2004, and has never been nominated.

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