Corey Feldman Claims He Was Stabbed with a Syringe + More

1. COREY FELDMAN claims he was stabbed Tuesday night, 

and he thinks it might be a revenge attack for going public about pedophiles in Hollywood.

Corey says he was driving his car with a security guy in the passenger seat, when they realized they were being followed. When they came to a red light, a short, bald "Mexican fellow" got out and started harassing the security guy.

Then he got back into the car, and it went around to the driver's side of Corey's car. A man got out, yanked open Corey's door, and stabbed him with SOMETHING.

Corey isn't sure what the weapon was because, according to him, the wound was a very small "punctuation". Yes, that's the word he used. So he thinks it was either a syringe, or the guy just got him with the tip of a knife.

Corey was able to shut the door and speed away. He went to a hospital, where he posted some pictures of himself and blamed the attack on a "vile wolfpack" that's been harassing him on social media because he spoke out.

Corey's rep said he was being tested for HIV and other diseases, just in case it WAS a syringe.

He also said Corey DID have a puncture wound, even though there was at least one report from the LAPD saying there was no evidence of injury. 

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2. "Entertainment Weekly" reunited the cast of "Dawson's Creek"

 for the show's 20th anniversary. Here's video of the cast saying there probably won't be a revival.

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3. The "Roseanne" Premiere Drew Massive Ratings

The return of "Roseanne" drew 18.2 million viewers on Tuesday, which is HUGE. That's even bigger than the previous series finale in 1997, which 'only' attracted 16.6 million. ABC will re-air the first two episodes this Sunday.

Donald Trump Jr. was among the "Roseanne" fans to dig the premiere. He Tweeted, quote, "Wow amazing. Congrats, Roseanne. If you're not too busy already, maybe work in a late-night show too. [It] seems there's some demand for an alternate viewpoint."


4. The "Sharknado" Franchise Will End This Summer 

 This summer's "Sharknado 6" will supposedly be the last movie in the series. It'll involve time travel, and will feature Nazis, dinosaurs, knights, Noah's Ark, and TARA REID, who DIED in Part 5.

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