MOVIE: Tommy Wiseau's Joker "Audition Tape" + More

1.  TOMMY WISEAU wrote, directed, and starred in one of the worst movies of all time, "The Room". 

 So when he suggested he could play the Joker, nobody took him seriously.  So he teamed up with to make a phony audition tape, and while he STILL can't act, some of it is weirdly creepy. 


2. The special features on the "Last Jedi"

home video release include a clip where MARK HAMILL gets emotional seeing the Yoda puppet again.  

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3.  SELMA BLAIR mentioned that CAMERON DIAZ 

had retired from acting in an interview, and people started freaking out.  So Selma later said that she was JOKING.  But Cameron hasn't done a movie since 2014, and she has nothing lined up.  

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