FOOD: People Hold Candlelight Vigil For Burned Down Taco Bell + More

1. A Taco Bell in Alabama burned down last week, 

and some people organized a candlelight vigil for it as a joke. But then 100 people showed up, and the story went viral. They held it in the parking lot of the Arby's next door. And afterwards a bunch of them went to Arby's to eat. Here are a few 'mourners' who talked to the local news about it.

Here's someone at the vigil singing an original song about Taco Bell's "Baha Blast" flavor of Mountain Dew.


2. Back in August, LANE JOHNSON of the Philadelphia Eagles 

said that if his team wins a Super Bowl, he's giving all their fans a beer. So Bud Light has something in the works to help him make that happen. IF they win, of course. 

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3. It's National Pie Day Here Are Our Eight Favorite Kinds

Today is National Pie Day. How convenient that it's scheduled RIGHT when most of us have completely abandoned our New Year's resolutions to get healthy.

A survey in honor of this very important and very real holiday asked people to name their favorite type of pie. 

And here are the results:

1. Apple, 19%.

2. Pumpkin, 17%.

3. Chocolate, 16%.

4. Pecan, 13%.

5. Cherry, 8%.

6. Lemon meringue, 6%.

7. Strawberry, 5%.

8. Blueberry, 4%.

The survey also found that if someone is serving pie, 44% buy it from a store 30% buy the crust but make the filling and 26% make it from scratch. 

4. A bar in Pennsylvania created a blue, white, and orange

 shot inspired by the Tide Pod Challenge. Then Facebook removed two of their posts about it. 

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5. A Person Returned a Sandwich Because One Half Was Larger Than the Other

You've got to have one HELL of an obsessive-compulsive side not just to NOTICE something like this but then to act on it.

A person in New South Wales, Australia returned a sandwich to a restaurant last week after they noticed one of the halves was one centimeter BIGGER than the other. That's less than half an inch. They even wrote the measurements on the halves.

And the restaurant actually took the sandwich back and gave the person a new one. 


6. Bacardi Is Buying Patron for $5.1 BILLION

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7. Half of Us Take Pictures of Our Food Especially Stuff We Cooked

I used to get annoyed by people posting pictures of their food on social media, but compared to the depressing stuff everyone posts now, I scroll through my feed just PRAYING to see an omelet or maybe a good piece of pizza.

According to a new survey, HALF of people say they take pictures of their food.

31% have taken a picture of something they cooked 22% have taken pictures of food at a party or wedding 20% have photographed food they got at a restaurant and 13% have taken pics of food that a friend cooked. 

Read more here.


8. From 4hr listener Ken (Brewer):

"Someone asked if our wines were vegan, to my horror I realized they were in fact vegan, so I fixed them" Maynard J. Keenan of Tool


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