Instagram Feature of the Day: Alysha Newman

From Listener Jarid: 

"You've checked almost every box and covered a lot of the 'types' for your listeners, but let's rally the team and feature a hot as hell athlete. How about an Olympian and National Record holding pole vaulter?  Check out Alysha Newman, eh Rod, she should get your maple syrup running as she hails from your neck of the woods up there in Canada :-) She can jump 15.5 ft in the air on one big 'ol stick.

Alex, I'm thinking that since she's an athlete, she's pole vaulting right up your list near your top ten. I nominate her to be your Official Unofficial Pole Vaulter of the Rod Ryan Show

I'd be honored if this Olympic beauty makes your IG Feature of the day. She's gold in my book.

Love all you do. Keep it up. All day IHeart listener, Jarid from Colorado"

"Thanks Jarid. She is RIPPED!!!  Oh Cannnn-Ada!" ~Rod

If you have an Instagram you would like us to feature send to and tell us WHY we should run it.

Here is the Ripped Canadian Alysha Newman and why she has 82.9 thousand followers.


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