QAnon Followers Thought JFK Jr Would Return From The Dead at Stones Concert

Before they expected John F. Kennedy, Jr. (who died in 1999) to appear at a Rolling Stones concert, Qanon followers first thought he would return from the dead* at Dealey Plaza in Dallas -- the spot where his father, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. Some of them even waited all night for it to happen.

*Just kidding, they think he's been alive and in hiding this whole time.

When no dead ex-presidents or their deceased children appeared, the people who were gathered decided that they got it wrong and in fact, JFK Jr was going to return at the Rolling Stones concert that night in Dallas.

Also expected to come back from the dead were Tupac, Robin Williams, and Dale Earnhardt. And possibly Michael Jackson.

None of that happened, but some are speculating that maybe Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is actually JFK?

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