Slipknot's Corey Taylor Believes 'Selfish' Person Gave Him COVID-19

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor believes his bout with COVID-19 was due to a "selfish" fan.

The singer contracted the virus about two weeks ago and got "very, very sick", despite being fully vaccinated.

In a virtual Q&A with fans, Taylor said "You try to trust that people are vaccinated or they're masking up" but that "sometimes you just run into those selfish people that don't care about that."

As for whether concerts should require proof of COVID vaccines moving forward, Taylor responded, “Yes and no. Here’s the thing: there shouldn’t be a mandate, but guess what, man, if you’re going to put people at risk of getting sick, you shouldn’t want to go to a show. That’s common sense. And if you do put people at risk, then you’re a f**kin’ asshole. And you shouldn’t be let in anyway.”

Taylor says he's now testing negative and hopes to return to the road soon.

Source: Consequences

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