Who Said "The Non-Stop Pounding of My Genitalia" Is His Worst Habit?

Ozzy and Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde proved he doesn't take himself too seriously, answering Kerrang magazine's interview questions in the most ridiculous ways possible.

He said people should listen to his Pride & Glory and Black Label Society reissue because "It has, obviously, twice the testosterone and erectile dysfunction power that the previous releases didn't have."

Wylde said his biggest fears are missing out an an anal-bleaching appointment and a chance to shave his legs after rehearsal and before a show, confessing "The struggle is real." He also said "the non-stop pounding of my genitalia" is his worst habit and he's glad to have a guitar around so he knows what to do with his hands.

After saying his Slipknot mask would be just his face called "Ass-Face", he believes that after we die, we "go up to God's tavern where all the drinks are free and no one blows out their liver or pancreas."

h/t Kerrang