Couple High On Bath Salts Shoot At Fireflies They Mistook For Alien Lasers

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George Thorogood famously sang, "You know when your mouth a-getting dry, you're plenty high". Maybe he could update the lyrics to "when you're a-taking shots at fireflies you mistook for alien lasers, you're plenty high."  

A couple from Pennsylvania had a "bad trip" on Bath Salts last weekend and thought that fireflies were aliens shooting green lasers at them. 

So they did the natural thing. They grabbed a gun and tried to fight the invaders single handedly. 

When police arrived to arrest the pair, 30-year-old Jesse Shields asked if he could first shower to get the "goo" off his body because it was burning his skin. 

Points for reading this far! 

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Thinking about how amazing life would be if I just had the power of mind control. 😈

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