Why Are You Tired?

You get 8 hours of sleep and you are still tired. These reasons may be why.

 These are the 7 reasons why you are always tired.

1. You could be anemic,  Dr. Brett Belchetz of Maple Medical Clinic in Toronto says, “You’d be really fatigued because the blood can’t deliver substantial oxygen to your brain, heart, and other important organs.” Iron deficiency could be the issues but your medical provider can narrow it down for you.

2. An underactive thyroid also could cause you to be tired, if it’s too low you could experience low energy levels, weight gain, constipation and dry skin. 

3. Diabetes could also be a factor, you could have Type 2 diabetes and not even know it.

4. Get moving! If you’re not exercising then your body can’t stimulate cells that will increase your energy. You should exercise 30 minutes a day in order to stay energized.

5.Not eating enough carbs could contribute to your tiredness, your brain needs carbs to function. 

6. Also not drinking enough water could be a problem, researchers believe that our brain shrinks if it’s low on liquids. 

7. Finally getting enough vitamins is key, check your vitamin D  and iron levels and if they're off, then take supplements to get the nourishment you need.

Hope this helps you out today! 



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