Psychic Intuitive Jane de Forest Nails My Dog's Health Problem

Left: Jane de Forest
Right: Me with Sebastian

During my interview with psychic medium/intuitive Jane de Forest, she randomly mentioned what sounded like a hypothetical situation... my small pet with the liver problem. Except, it wasn't hypothetical. I have a 14-year-old Pomeranian with a bad liver! That was enough to make me perk up and really take to heart the things Jane was telling me about talking to my dead relatives and how to be more intuitive. (I'm hopelessly dense when it comes to other people. Or maybe not so hopeless?) 

Check out the interview and visit Jane's website:

Jane will be at Body Mind & Soul on Saturday, April 7th for a free book signing at 2p, and then a ticketed gallery reading and workshop at 3p. Check the Body Mind & Soul website for info. 

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