Dad Forced 10-Year-Old To Run To School, Posted Video Online

A dad in Virginia named Bryan Thornhill was pissed when his kid was suspended from riding the school bus for three days after he was caught bullying, and dad's remedy was to make his son run the mile to school. 

Brian said, "This is a healthy way for a child to be punished because it’s exercise." I mean, yes, but also ... no. 

The videos attracted a huge response, with tens of thousands of likes and shares on each Facebook post. Many social media users congratulated Mr Thornhill on “excellent parenting” with some describing him as “absolutely amazing” and “a fine example”. Others accused him of child abuse and described the father as “the real bully”.

But Mr Thornhill defended his actions and said he hoped everyone who watched the clips of his son being punished “had a good laugh”.

“If you got your panties in a knot over watching a kid jog I feel sorry for you because you’re probably a lousy piece of s**t,” he said.

“If a kid jogging offends you then get your a** off the couch ... you probably need a lap or two.” (

I don't know that I'm offended by having the kid jog to school. (By the way, he kid runs 6mph, which is faster than me. The hell?) I do think it's humiliating to film it and post it to social media, and well over the line into sh*tty parenting. He actually says in the video he's posting it so people can have a good laugh. Yikes. 

And even though the video was either yanked from Bryan's Facebook or made private, nothing you post on the internet goes away forever. I found it in multiple places, hence the embedded video below. That kid's gonna need to talk this out with a therapist later in life, for sure. 



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