Package Thief Gets Instant Karma

At about :50 in the video, you see a car drive by, casing the joint. (That's how they say it on Law & Order.) They can obviously see the packages sitting at the front door, so homegirl jumps out and runs to grab them. But things go really badly for her when she's going back to the car with her stolen goods.

So here’s a quick recap: the woman in the video above was so eager to run off with the stolen packages that she slipped, and either sprained her ankle or hurt her leg pretty badly as you can see her leg tuck up behind her as she lands on it. You can also hear her groaning in pain, which is probably music to the ears of those who enjoy some good old karma videos.

But hey, at least her partner in crime ran back to get those packages while his lady probably passed out from the pain in the car. (Mandatory)

Oh, man. Her ankle does not look right. Think it's broken? 

How ironic that I'm sitting here with a fractured ankle, and I didn't even try to steal anything! But, I know how much it hurts, and that makes the instant karma all that much more satisfying.



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