Kevin Spacey Spotted At Sex Rehab Clinic In Arizona

Photo: Getty Images

A sneaky paparazzo caught Kevin Spacey at the very pricey Meadows rehab clinic in Arizona. Harvey Weinstein is apparently there, too, and each of them are spending $36,000 for treatment. 

The Meadows claims to have the best sex addiction treatment program in the US. 

It runs a 45-day 'Gentle Path' treatment program for sex addicts, which involves patients undergoing counseling and 'expressive arts' to try and deal with their issues.

Patients also commit to having no sex for eight weeks as part of the program that includes journaling, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, yoga and horseback riding. (Daily Mail)

My take on the whole thing? Dude's a sexual predator, not a sex addict. This is a rehab stint for publicity, and I'm not buying it. Same goes for Weinstein. 

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