"Thick" Trainer Is Not Here For Body Shamers

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Boston I’m coming back for ya! Full week of classes ahead: Monday (3), Wednesday (2), Thursday (2) + Saturday (2). See you this week friends πŸ’¦πŸ’ͺ #fituniversity

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Boston-based trainer and entrepreneur Sarah Gaines did a Facebook Live workout for USA Today, and of course, along came the trolls. There was a lot of positivity, but also comments like: 

"OMG! She needs to lose a lot of weight."

"She needs to be doing it with them lol"

"But the instructor is thick"

"I don't see her working out,she is so fat"

"Why is she fat?"

So fun. Bless the internet. I get comments just like those on the regular, so I can confirm that they suck. Thankfully, Sarah's not too bothered. She said in a blog post "If this would have been a few years ago, these comments may have really affected me. But after years of struggling with body image and obsessive fitness behaviors, I have no qualms with my body whatsoever so I was fine with the comments, I was just more so disappointed that people still believe that fitness equals six pack abs."

You can read Sarah's full blog post HERE. Marvel at the amazing things she can do with her body and see the USA Today video below.

I’ve been told that I’m too muscular, that my back is too wide, that β€œwhat are you trying to look like a man?” Clearly the answer to that one is yes πŸ™„ . Yesterday, I led a live workout for @usatoday which was a BLAST!! There were literally over 100 positive comments but a few people wanted to let me know they thought I needed to lose weight so I wrote an article about it (obviously πŸ˜›). . β€œIf you find people making comments about your body, leave. If you find yourself making comments about other people’s bodies, figure out something else to do with your time.” . Click the link in my bio to read more. #fituniversity #fitness #health #media

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Bracing myself for this week like πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† Teaching a million times this week and Saturday is @fituniversity's BACK TO SCHOOL BLOWOUT πŸŽ‰ When am I seeing you?? Check my story for full schedule. . #fituniversity #bostonfitness

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Getting motivated on Monday is as easy as flipping this tire (which was pretty easy). . For real though, Monday's are my favorite day of the week because I teach 2x (today 3!) and get to get in my own workout. All those endorphins really do make you happy and happy people just don't ________ (fill in the blank 😜). #fituniversity

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