Man Spends 90 Days In Jail For Drywall Dust Mistaken For Cocaine

A man named Kevin Cashe spent 90 days in jail because police thought drywall dust in his car was cocaine. Oops! 

...police pulled him over in March and thought a white powder in his car was cocaine. A K-9 unit was brought to the scene and the dog “alerted” on Kevin Cashe’s car, so a further test was done on the substance, and sure shit, the test came up positive for snout candy.

But wait, there's more.

Oviedo police weren’t buying his story, and given the “fact” that Cashe was on probation at the time on drug charges from 2015, he was “put in handcuffs when court records showed he was out past his court-ordered curfew.”

Except, they were wrong. On so many levels. 

It turns out, Cashe wasn't violating curfew and the white powder was drywall dust, not cocaine. And it took the police 90 days to figure this out. The field test the cops did was wrong! 

This isn't the first time a test from this particular company was wrong. A man in Orlando was arrested when the glaze from a doughnut was misidentified as meth. METH!

sniff, sniff What's the I smell? A lawsuit. Definitely a lawsuit. Go get 'em, Kevin!




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