What Is This Graffiti On 59 At Mandell St?

I was going to lunch with a friend today and I saw the weirdest graffiti. It was such a head scratcher that I had to circumnavigate for a second look. See it there? It's on the Mandell St. bridge coming over 59. 

That looks like "4skin" to me. Foreskin? Is that penis graffiti? Not graffiti of a penis, but about a penis? Did they mean to write H-skin and it was a total cock-up? Why not just draw a penis? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Maybe it's gang tag and I'm here puzzling over it like a total idiot. If it is a gang tag, they really need to go back to the drawing board, because I swear to baby Jesus it looks like "4skin". I feel shafted not knowing the truth.

I hope the city doesn't yank it; the artist might take it hard. Whoever it is, they have a lot of spunk.

I'm done with the penis puns now, I promise. It was hard coming up with that many.


That was the last one. For real this time.



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