Houston Skateboards Store Makes It's Grand Debut in Historic Building

Tony Hawk with a Houston Skateboards deckPhoto: Houston Skateboards

No one loves representing Houston as much as Houstonians. Whether you have lived here all your life or for 10 years, rallying up for a local event is what keeps our community standing strong and gearing up to support others. In this case, we have legendary pro-skateboarder, Dan MacFarlane who has chosen to give back to the Houston skateboarding community by opening his permanent store in the historic Iron Works building in the east end of downtown.

MacFarlane, known for various of achievements throughout his life such as inventing original combos and tricks, going pro by the age of 13, installing his own signature ramps around the world, and more. Dedicating his life to embodying Houston and Texas skate culture prompted him to shape an environment where everyone, even those who don't skate at all, to entwine with the vision to strengthen the some-what staggering skateboarding community. At last, there is a continued growth of diverse places for every demographic of people to meet-up and hang out. Not only that, but there seems to be a hint that live music will have another place to hang its' head just in time for the rise of the D-I-Y takeover in this rapidly growing city.

Get to know your new friends in the neighborhood in the FULL interview below!

Photo: Houston Skateboards

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