Independent Artist Tom MacDonald Takes Over the Radio and Addresses Critics

From Billboard charting songs like "Fake Woke" and "Snowflakes," once again independent Canadian rapper, Tom MacDonald defies the odds and backhands doubters with his new [pop] single, "Ghost" which has become the #1 hit song in the country.

Known for his controversial hip-hip songs and his anti-establishment stance in the music industry, MacDonald surely knows how to leave his fans along with internet sleuths at the edge of their seat. However, one thing is for sure, he couldn't do it all without his long-time partner in crime, fellow rapper Nova Rockafeller in which the song "Ghost" was written about. Whatever this dynamic duo touches turns to creative gold with Rockafeller behind the camera for the artistic music videos you see on the long list of songs produced by Tom MacDonald himself.

Not all of his work is appreciated by the public when it comes down to his perspectives on politics and social issues. When MacDonald released a track called "Whiteboyz" from his album, The Brave, in 2022 featuring rapper Adam Calhoun, there was an enormous wave of raised eyebrows towards MacDonald's intentions behind the meaning of the song.

"Whiteboyz is a rap song written and performed by two white rappers. It doesn’t really go much deeper than that. It wasn’t intended to be controversial. It’s just a dope song. Of course, people raised their eyebrows at it. As they do with anything thats not overtly politically correct these days. But I enjoy pushing the envelope," stated MacDonald.

Watch the FULL interview with Tom MacDonald and Nova Rockafeller as they discuss everything Hangover Gang!

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