Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey Can't Have Sex for Eight Weeks

Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are reportedly being treated for sex addiction at a clinic called The Meadows, near Phoenix, Arizona.  And they're paying $58,000 for the "cure" . . . if there is one.



But more important than the money is the CELIBACY.  Patients have to go without sex for at least EIGHT WEEKS.  Treatment also includes meditation, group therapy, journaling, examining sexual fantasies, and "creating a relapse prevention plan."



Founder Patrick Carnes was on "CBS This Morning" yesterday, and he said, quote, "Like any other addiction, it's a problem where a person loses their ability to choose.  It's a brain disease."



He added that his program is more like a BOOT CAMP than a vacation.  But he would NOT confirm that Weinstein or Spacey are actually there.



But CBS also talked to a drug and alcohol counselor named Dr. Damon Raskin, who doesn't believe in sex addiction, and thinks celebrities often use it as a publicity stunt. 



Quote, "There is no good evidence showing that sex addiction is a true addiction, like drug and alcohol addiction."



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