"Stranger Things" Is Back, and Netflix Has Added an "After-Show"

Season Two of "Stranger Things" is hitting Netflix today after a wait of exactly one year, three months, and 12 days.  Or 469 total days . . . or 675,360 excruciating minutes.  (Not that I was counting or anything.)



But this season will be longer than the first.  There's a ninth episode this time . . . and yesterday, Netflix announced that there will also be an AFTER-SHOW, kind of like AMC's "Walking Dead" after-show, "The Talking Dead".



It's called "Beyond Stranger Things", and it'll be a round-table discussion that's set up around a "Dungeons & Dragons"board game . . . with the show's creators, the executive producer, as well as various writers and cast members.



All seven episodes of "Beyond Stranger Things" will also hit Netflix today, but according to the "Hollywood Reporter", you should wait to check them out until you've seen the whole season, because it DOES have spoilers.



"Beyond Stranger Things" will automatically begin playing after the final episode of Season Two. 



(Netflix has released a 'sneak peek'.  They spelled it 'p-e-a-k,' for some reason.  There are also no spoilers, but that's because it's just 47 seconds of intro music, and a brief introduction of the people at the table.)




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