Watch This 11-Year-Old Girl Find Out She's Getting Adopted

This is beautiful. I've been involved with programs for foster children in the past, and if I took one thing away from the experience... it's that there are SO many children out there with nothing and no one. Having known people that wanted to adopt, I also know how difficult it is to go through the process. I wish so much that it was an easier thing to make this happen, and when you watch this .. you will too.

An 11-year-old girl near Salt Lake City named Tannah Butterfield has been living with foster parents for the past two years.  And last week, she found out they're officially ADOPTING her.



The office manager at her school is a woman named Jackie Alexander.  She's friends with Tannah's foster parents, and got to give her the good news at school last Monday.



Now a video of Tannah the moment she found out is all over Facebook, because it's just pure joy.



A security camera at the school caught her reaction.  She was so excited, she literally JUMPED into Jackie's arms and wouldn't let go.



Jackie called Tannah's foster parents to get permission before she posted the video online.  It happened one day after the shooting in Vegas.  And she wanted to remind people there are still GOOD moments in life that we can all appreciate.



By the way, Tannah's foster parents aren't just adopting HER.  They're also adopting her 6-year-old brother, AND her 2-year-old sister. 






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