My Weekend at Kaaboo

Kaaboo... 3 days of amazing Music,Art, Comedy, Food, & Fun happened in Del Mar, CA this past weekend...

I was given the enviable task of attending and documenting the good times... check out some of the highlights from this amazing weekend... Can't wait for 2018!



The legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined Friday night and turned in an awesome performance that made it clear that they've been VERY comfortable rocking crowds of this size for a VERY long time. Pretty much perfect. Also, Anthony is a Raiders fan? Who knew?


DJ Diesel ( Shaq) was one of the revelations of Kaaboo.... he's not messing around with the DJ thing.. and he knows how to rock a crowd!


The Silent Disco

This kinda made my night... you could participate or you could watch the surreal scene of a crowd of people completely losing it to music that you couldn't hear.... either way... #goodtimes.



Ya know who's still got it? Garbage . #Damn. Shirley Manson quickly established herself as the Queen of Kaaboo. Her onstage banter, a string of perfect songs and interaction with the crowd proved that when given 10's of thousands of people to work with.. she's got them in the palm of her hand...

This woman knows how to create a moment we'll all remember... 


The girl power continued with a STELLAR show from Pink who swooped in on aerialist wires and proceeded to delight the crowd with a string of smash hits broken up by covers of everyone from Led Zeppelin to No Doubt, and ...whoah.... She's got some serious pipes!

Also.... a couple got engaged onstage during Pink's set.... which was super cute.


If you've never seen Muse before... see them.. Their Kaaboo set was predictably amazing. Good grief they put on an incredible show. ( Sidebar Muse and I played together to a room of about 10 people in Bath, England once when we were all teenagers starting out.... it sounds silly... but even then  you knew they had something very VERY special.)


As a kid, I wore out multiple copies of Ice Cube's Lethal Injection and Amerikkka's Most wanted... yet I'd never gotten a chance to see him play live... Kaaboo fixed that, and Ice Cube lived up to the hype I'd created in my mind since middle school. When he addressed his career as an actor  and said that while he may be a movie star... "This is WHAT I DO." You believed every word of it. He turned in a masterful performance.


Day 3

I'd never seen Logic before , but the 3 songs I caught made it very clear that he's the real deal. VERY impressed.


Alanis Morrisette.

She was great. GREAT. Alanis can REALLY sing... her band can REALLY play. It was IMPOSSIBLE not to get caught up in the sheer amount of joy her songs brought to a crowd of people that knew every last word of every last line....


Lucky enough to catch one of the greatest bands of ALL TIME..... FISHBONE... in an impromptu unplugged performance....


Tom Petty

Amazing. I've been dreaming of seeing Tom Petty since I was 8 years old , and he lived up to EVERY expectation. He sang songs that were inevitably stand out cuts from the soundtracks to all of our lives. A true American treasure at the very top of his game 40 years in. What an incredible way to finish out Kaaboo. #Gratitude.


Tom Petty also provided a GREAT life lesson with his show.. I talked about it on my national talk program this morning.... it was a good reminder of a fact we all know to be true...


People Watching at Kaaboo  

The crowd at Kaaboo is a LOT of fun to look at ...even without the Dennis Rodman spotting... it woulda been pretty incredible.

EVERY kind of person was at Kaaboo.... and it made walking to and from performances around the beautiful Del Mar race track entertainment in and of itself.


Comedy at Kaaboo

For me... the comedy at Kaaboo by itself would have warranted a trek to Del Mar. David Spade, Patton Oswalt, Norm McDonald, Nick Swardson, Demetri Martin, Arsenio Hall, Bryan Callen, Taylor Williamson and more made for a next level line up and lots of VERY big laughs.


LIVE Art at Kaaboo

One of my very favorite things about Kaaboo is the fact that they make art... especially LIVE art a part of the weekend. The insane level of talent on display was straight up breath taking in many cases... and seeing enormous murals created from start to finish over the course of 3 days was something ERY special. My grandmother was a visual artist... and it wasn't an easy thing... I have to assume it hasn't gotten any easier as years have gone by... which is why I think it's such a good look for Kaaboo to give artists a platform to expose their work. Art is IMPORTANT. 



Check out these interactive pieces that were activated by flash photography.....


Food At Kaaboo

Not only were the culinary arts represented at Kaaboo.... but the delicious selection of meals available at Kaaboo have absolutely ruined me for stale nachos smothered in orange cheese-esque queso at other shows. 

kaaboo was straight up food porn, and a gourmands delight... whether it was one of many food trucks, the restaurants that had set ups in the Kaaboo gallery, or the gourmet culinary throw down that was happening..the food at Kaaboo was straight up the best food I've ever had at a live event. Watching Alanis tear through her set while eating the best Spicy Tuna Poke bowl I've ever had is going to be VERY tough to top.


By the time Kaaboo wrapped on Sunday night... something interesting was happening. As we all shuffled off back to our cars and our now somewhat hum drum by comparison daily existences... pretty much everyone was talking about plans to be back next year....myself included. Kaaboo was in it's 3rd year... and I'm guessing it will be around for DECADES to come. I can't wait for 2018. Hope to see you there



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