Here's the Average Amount of Sex People Have at Different Ages

 Time to feel really good or really bad about your sex life.


The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University just released the results of a new study about how much sex people have at different ages.  Time to see how you measure up . . .



From ages 18 to 29, people have sex an average of 112 times a year, or a little more than twice a week.


From 30 to 39, people have sex 86 times a year, which is roughly one or two times a week.



From 40 to 49, people have sex a little more often than once a week, at 69 times a year.



And from ages 50 on . . . well, we don't know.  They didn't extend their survey to people over 50, perhaps to shield you from thinking about what your parents or grandparents are up to. 



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