Murphy Karges ( Sugar Ray) hit the nail on the head with a heartfelt post about his son and the importance of music in children's lives.

Growing up, school was tough. 

I had attention deficit problems as well as dyslexia. I was labeled a "slow kid" and I was told that less was expected of me. Academically, I was barely getting by, and I lived in constant fear of being called on for answers I didn't have. 

However, I had an aptitude for music, and I was lucky enough that my parents got me the drum set I wanted so badly when I was 4. Being good at playing the drums gave me a sense of self esteem. When I was terrible at everything else, yelled at by teachers, and the source of frustration and worry for my parents, I still had the fact that I could play the drums.

Years later, I went to the library, looked up my inability to pay attention or retain information in class, and I diagnosed myself with ADD. ( A diagnosis a doctor later confirmed.) I figured out a work around for my brain and it's problems retaining information... 

I made straight A's for the rest of the time I was in school, and I won a national merit scholarship. 

Here's the thing... if it hadn't been for music and the belief it gave me in myself, I might never have dug a  little deeper and found my way of succeeding in school.... without music I doubt I would have made it ANYWHERE in life. I would have accepted my fate as a "slow kid" and expected less of myself the way my teacher did. 

When I read what Murphy Karges wrote about his son ad music... it spoke so strongly me I HAD to share.

  Murphy Karges (who played bass with Sugar Ray)  hit the nail on the head with a heartfelt post about his son and the importance of music in children's lives. This is important. Please read.

Here are some highlight.

" ...he is developing a skill that can help him through tough times. "

"Sports are great for bonding and developing confidence, but music might be just as powerful, if not more, especially for a shy kid like me. I wasn't a star athlete. But I had so much inside that I wanted share but I didn't know how."

"I got a guitar at 15 and my whole world changed. I felt like I could now communicate for the first time to everyone around me."

" I'm glad Andrew is learning to grow a muscle that will never let him down as a positive escape."



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