Another Man Caught Taking Pics Up Skirts at Target

'A man was arrested for taking upskirt photos of a woman at a Target in Cypress, Calif. The man was tackled by a Good Samaritan, and later arrested.BYCYPRESS POLICE DEPARTMENT

When Ismael Duarte spotted a man who had earlier followed his 15-year-old daughter in Target put his phone on the floor, apparently trying tofilm up the skirtof another shopper, he went into “protect mode,” he told KTLA.

Security video from the Cypress, California, store about 8 p.m. Sunday shows Duarte kick the phone away, then shove the man to the floor as he scrambles after it.

The man dashes out of the store, followed by Duarte and his wife, who shot a photo of his license plate to turn over to police, KTLA reported.' via SACBEE

THE KICKER, is this happens all the time! Look at these PERVS ...

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