Listener Review: Spider-Man Game for PS4

A loyal listener provides a review of the newest video game  for Spider-Man! This PS4 exclusive has been very popular, selling over 3 million copies, with some folks (of course) bashing it for various reasons. Here's a review from longtime listener "Joe".

From Listener Joe:

"Hi! I know you like it when your fans write in and give you stuff for your blog, haha! Have you or anyone you know tried the Spiderman game yet on PS4? I've seen some reviews good and some reviews bad. Some of the folks are complaining that it apes stuff from other games and doesn't bring anything "new" to the table. I think that's a dumb way to look at it, as if something is good or even revolutionary (like the fighting mechanics from Batman Arkham Asylum) why NOT try to follow that path? This has got to be the best "comics" video game I've every played, and I loved the Arkham series as well. This game not only feels great just swinging around the map as Spider-Man, but it does add several aspects that are inspired by other great games.

Fighting crowds - Arkham Series

Puzzle/Minigames - Bioshock

Towers to open the map/locations - Assassin's Creed and Far Cry

Collecting - Arkham, Far Cry, Crackdown

This game is fun to play and difficult to put down. One of my biggest gripes about modern games is how boring the cutscenes can get with the 3D models often talking to each other at length, which gets boring for me. This game gives you the option to skip, which is invaluable when you just want to get back in to collecting "just one more backpack" or whatever you're on the hunt for to give you a stopping point. The leveling and upgrades are fun, and even though there are more gadgets than you might expect from Spiderman, they are make sense in the context of the game, and give you a lot more options for combat. 

One of my favorite parts of any of these games is changing appearances and switching out costumes. It may sound trivial, but it freshens up the game for me to see the main character which is always on screen in a different look. The Arkham games forced you to play all the way thru before you could swap costumes, but in Spiderman, you can start unlocking them from the beginning, and swap them out at any time, even in the middle of a mission, lol. the costumes are cool, too which become kind of another fun set of collectibles themselves. All in all, I give this game an A, and recommend it to anyone! I've also included a list of all the costumes (so far) and rank them in my order of preference. Give it a try sometime, and feel free to post this on your blog! Thanks! Love listening to you every day!




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