Man Put on Blast at Day for Night for Good Reason ...

Saw this pop up during Sunday's Day for Night in Houston, Tx. According to many comments, this guy was caught selling fake passes. He was put on blast which I think is brilliant. I've heard of many people making fake passes for shows and it's bull$hit! It's annoying and not fair for paying concert goers. 

I did some more research and looks like the conversation has already been rolling on Reddit. One use claims he was jimmy Nguyen's roomate ...

via Reddit

[–]Sylariss 12 points 58 minutes ago* 

lol, he is my roomate. He wasn't selling fake passes. One of our friends had gotten 2 fake all access passes made so she gave them to us to get in. They worked, but we ended up bumping into a girl that we both went to highschool with who happened to be a street team manager or some shit that worked for Day for Night.

The girl questioned how we were able to afford the passes because they were expensive as fuck and she knew we likely couldn't afford them. We told her they were fakes because we both knew her and didn't think she would do anything about it. Plus we didn't know she worked for the venue.

She didn't seem upset at the time, and we ended up parting ways after having a conversation. But about 3 hours later a friend from the main stage sent us a bunch of pictures that had him on blast on the big screens.

After justice, around 10:00 or whatever time it was, we were sitting at the food trucks and they started ushering people inside. One of the security guards recognized him and he ended up getting kicked out. The only person we didn't see that we really wanted to was Thom Yorke, so all in all it wasn't that bad for getting in for free.

Just in case you don't believe, I went and took a picture with him just now.

Note, the picture they posted of him is a couple years old. She got it off his facebook because he and the girl were facebook friends.



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