Martina Big, white model wants to be a Black Barbie

A 28-year-old white German woman who claims she has the "biggest boobs in Europe" is trying to subvert the "Baywatch" stereotype, one melanin injection at a time.

Martina Big and her boyfriend Michael have begun injecting themselves with the dark pigment and spending a lot more time in their tanning bed as part of her ongoing desire to become a "'unique and exotic Barbie," according to the Daily Mail

"As a child I admired Pamela Anderson in the TV series Baywatch. Most people think the Baywatch girls are blonde and pale-skinned," Big told the Daily Mail. "I think the comparative photos show that I'm now, as a black woman, also a very beautiful Baywatch girl."

Big commemorated her dark complexion with a photo shoot July 30 on California's Venice Beach featuring her wearing a red lifeguard bathing suit.

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