Response: Avatar Show Rant

Heavy metal is supposed to be the music with no rules. It doesn’t matter how you look or how you dress, it's about the music. Metal heads have their simple stereotypes of black shirts, jeans, and, sometimes long hair…but again, appearance doesn’t really matter. 

Now to get to why this is all mentioned, the host of “Kill Rock Radio” has forgotten all about these simple things that bring all metal heads together.  

We were both at the recent Avatar show at Proof Rooftop Bar with two very different perspectives. 

When I first listened to his podcast, “Avatar Show Rant,” I assumed it would be about the music. Maybe he didn’t like the show? But to my surprise, the first few minutes of the podcast praised the show and the greatness of the Avatar and the Swedish metal scene. 

It's at this point in my own pseudo-rant that I'll be that anal music nerd and correct this guy by saying, Volbeat is not Swedish, they are from Denmark. 

Now, back to the issue at hand, his rant has nothing to do with the music, but with how the crowd behaved and dressed. I can understand how seeing your fellow concertgoers taking selfies, talking, or just not paying attention can bother someone…but, it's 2017, that happens at nearly any show. I have one simple and effective solution that has worked for years when I’m around these kinds of people at a show and I'm bothered - I move. 

Calling out in their words, "older people in their 40s and 50s" for not paying attention is one thing. But, I suppose we're just going to forget that many of the biggest names in metal are also in their 50s now? 

Putting down people because of their age and still dressing like rockers, honestly made no sense to me in the argument, especially to the point of saying "you were grossed out and ready to vomit everywhere." 

I did see many of the people that were mentioned in the rant, but I was also too busy watching the show to care. Having just recently attended shows in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and even Columbus for Rock on the Range, everything complained about can be found in any city, not just Houston. 

People of all ages were dressed in all sorts of ways at the shows I attended and not even Metallica was immune to having members of their audience talk during their performance.  

With all this said, I'll sum up my response to the people behind "Kill Rock Radio" podcast with something simple, Metal doesn’t care about your appearance, and neither should you.



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