Alter Bridge Brought the Love to House of Blues on Valentine's Day

For the third time in just roughly under half a year, Alter Bridge returned to Houston for a very special Valentine’s night.

Performing their first headlining set in nearly three years too, fans lined up outside of House of Blues at one point from the third floor entrance, down to the first floor. Alter Bridge seems to fall into this middle area between hard rock and heavy metal, which always makes for a very interesting crowd. 

Giving a performance that a fan of any era could enjoy, the show was a great mixture of all five of their albums with the most coming from Blackbird and their newest, The Last Hero.  Surprisingly enough, some of the bands heavier and faster material played such as “Farther Than the Sun,” or “Ties That Bind,” didn't get the crowd moving as much as one would have expected. 

There were more than a few moments where I noticed the crowd staying oddly still despite how active lead guitarist Mark Tremonti is. 

Witnessing lead singer Myles Kennedy, who has either been in the studio or on the road constantly for the past five years was easily a moment to marvel as, in my opinion, his voice has actually gotten better with age. 

For rockers, there wasn’t a better (more romantic?) way to spend their 2017 Valentine’s day.

Set List:

1.     Writing on the Wall

2.     Come to Life

3.     Father Than the Sun

4.     Addicted

5.     Ghosts of Days Gone By

6.     Cry of Achilles

7.     My Champion

8.     The Last Hero

9.     Ties That Bind

10.  Crows on a Wire

11.  Water Rising

12.  Wonder Life (Acoustic)

13.  Watch Over You (Acoustic)

14.  Isolation

15.  Blackbird

16.  Open Your Eyes

17.  Metalingus

18.  Show Me a Leader

19.  Rise Today

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