This is a good reminder to talk to your kids about bullying and how harmful and wrong it is. I talk to my 7-year old about it all the time. She has even reached out to other kids who are being made fun of and I couldn't be more proud of her. We have to control the source. We have to teach our children that not only is it not ok, but if they are being bullie to speak up. My heart goes out to this family.


Michael Morones, 11, remains hospitalized after being found by his parents dangling from his bunk bed. The boy was a ‘Brony,’ which is a male fan of the colorful children’s show. This is so horrible.

I know that we cannot control other kids, but there has to be an answer! I would like the kids who made fun of Michael to say those things to Andrew W.K. He is a notorious Bronies! (see at bottom).


This is Andrew W.K. speaking about his love for the same thing ...


These Texas parents are taking action by SUING 6-Cyberbullies