PARENTS: Never let your kids travel to Magaluf! This is a WILDY popular party spot for youth in Ireland and the U.K.! It's absolute DEBAUCHERY! I mean, BAD DEBAUCHERY! Like SEX Debauchery and Sex parties! An investigation has begun after a party video surfaced with a young girl giving oral "pleasure" to 24-men for free beer!



The video is believed to be related to “mamading” parties, named after the Spanish word mamada, which means oral sex. This is very common in bars there. They are wanting to attract more male and female party goers! PARENTS! Write this down! If you ever here it come out of your kids mouth .. SQUASH IT!

What people are saying in the Twittersphere:



One saying I notice was, "What Happens in Maga, Goes on YouTube"! These are Essex girls on Holiday!