What was supposed to be a neighborly good deed is now getting a woman evicted. 

After her neighbor Terry Brown stopped by to borrow a cup of sugar, Houston resident Faye kindly obliged. 

"I went and got some sugar and poured it in this bag...He took the sugar and went to his home" said Faye to KHOU.

However, what was an innocent moment was observed by one as an exchange of illegal drugs.

Faye found this news out a few days later when she received a letter from officials at the Mansions at Hastings Green accusing her of taking part in a drug transaction and asking that both she and Brown move out on their own or be forced out.

"And I couldn't believe it," she said. "It was outrageous. I didn't understand it."

Brown backed up Faye and insisted there was nothing more than sugar in the bag.