Trunking defined as letting dogs fight to death in trunk of car while owner drives. I AM NOT even going to ellaborate on what has been done. This is my reminder and plea to ALWAYS REPORT ANY ANIMAL ABUSE YOUR SEE or FEEL IS GOING ON! 

These poor animals have no choice, but we can do anything and everything to be their hero!!!  

"A Good Samaritan called animal services Wednesday, saying a pet owner in the Goulds repetitively threw dogs in a trunk and let them fight to the death." - via media outlet

"[They] put the dogs in the trunk, lock it up, and they run around, put the music on very, very loud so no one can hear it," said Dahlia Canes with Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation. "After 10 or 15 minutes, they stop. The dead dog they throw out and the winner keeps going with it."

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