According to a new survey, your husband's favorite beer may indicate whether or not he'll stay faithful. A U.K.-based dating site for people looking to cheat, surveyed their members and found this info via Huffington Post

  • #1 Guinness is the beer preferred most by cheating men!
  • #2 Corona  
  • #3 Peroni
  • #4 San Miguel
  • #5 Budweiser

Why? Who the hell knows, but every man on that site who wanted to cheat, drank these the most! Cheers!


Honorable Mention: In July, Illicit Encounters determined that cheaters prefer to drive Audis.


Another Honorable Mention: DosXX drinkers not on the list! HECK YEAH! Dos XX drinkers don't need to cheat because we have the hottest a$$ in town! Don't Forget ... Stay Thirsty My Friends!