A Florida high school is getting national attention for a hateful, racist rant two of its students posted on YouTube. The original 4-minute vido is DISGUSTING! The girls claim that people “start turning black” and “catch the disease” of blackness when they enter Santaluces High School. (WATCH CLIP)

will not post the entire video, but I will assure you these girls say in the video "If your Black and watching this, be offended!"

** If you watch the entire clip, don't let their RACIST YOUNG NAIVE BULLSH*T get to you. Don't react with the same hate! Turn the other cheek and LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!!! **


I saw this and was just angry and the stupidity of these girls. To every person reading this blog, remember to be a good person and be the one that makes others feel good! Parents, find out what your kids are doing online, look at facebook pages, ask questions and help mold them into good citizens!  

The Santaluces High School staff claims to be taking action but aren’t specific about the terms of the girls’ punishment. She revealed the district’s legal department is looking into the issue and that officials in the district are discussing a plan of action that has not yet been revealed. [Full Story & Full Video]


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