photo via Dos Equis Facebook below

The Most Interesting Man In The World has  proven he is not just interesting in Dos Equis commercials after revealing he  saved the lives of two children when he was younger.

Jonathan Goldsmith, the white-bearded,  gravel-voiced 75-year-old who parallel parks trains as the 007-style character  in the beer adverts, told Esquire this week he once rescued a drowning girl and  saved a boy who was having an epileptic fit.

via Daily Mail, "He said while working with disabled children  at New York City charity The Fresh Air Fund when he was 18, he learned how to  tell a child who was having a grand mal fit from a kid who was playing  around."

"'Years later, in Malibu, I watched a little girl  play with all the kids, and something caught my eye,' he said. 'I just remember  (thinking) "This kid is going to die. She's drowning."

 'I'm 75 years old, so, you know,  I'm quite aware of my mortality—or immortality— and I want to leave something  behind,' he told Esquire