Here are some of the weirdest things women have been able to hide in their "Foo Fee's. These are the TOP DAWGS. I must say, I am amazed and yes ... ALL TRUE STORIES!    



1. Vodka-filled bottle of urine: (below) Mischelle Lindy Salzgeber's solution to her problem. The jig was up when the bottle was discovered during a routine body scan. Oh, and too bad the urine she borrowed to pass as her own tested positive for drugs anyway


2. Heroin: (below) Pennsylvania woman Karin Mackaliunas wins the award for most stuff stored in a vagina EVER. During a routine strip search, authorities discovered 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty heroin bags, eight prescription pills, and $51.22 in cash and change in her vagina


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3. Prosthetic Eye:  Dr. Melissa Barton sees a lot of odd stuff as an ER doctor. But the oddest she ever saw (pun intended) was a woman who had placed a prosthetic eyeball in her vagina for "safe keeping." Why, you ask? Oh, she was preparing to have a fight with her neighbors and she told Dr. Barton that glass eyes "are pretty expensive and hard to replace." I believe this earns her the nickname "Eyegina."

4. Donny Osmond Poster: Of all the inconceivable phallic objects a desperately horny person could shove up in their vagina, a rolled-up Donny Osmond poster is not the first thing that comes to mind. A U.K. woman featured on the BBC3 show called “Bizarre ER” did just that. Doctors discovered a rolled-up poster of Donny Osmond shoved inside her vagina.


5. Knives: NUFF SAID

6. Cell Phone: We have heard this before

7. Credit Card: (below) Ann Marie Hernandez made a sizable Home Depot haul with a fraudulent credit card. When she was done with her shopping spree, she loaded the goods into her car and  the credit card into her vagina.



8. Crack Pipe: (Below) Arlina Romero also had a stolen credit card on her person when cops caught her leaving a flop house. Instead of hiding the credit card in her vagina like Ann Hernandez, she put it in her pocket.



List via (H/T: The Frisky)