A tradomedical practitioner in Lagos has claimed that a 20-year old woman delivered a tortoise and a baby girl in his clinic.

WHAT???????????Yes, the story is bizarre and I so need to see video! I mean, are you not curious???

One quote I read from the article at was this, “I touched her stomach and observed something strange moving inside her. It was a strange thing. I thought it was a lizard but it turned out to be a tortoise. The tortoise tore the placenta into pieces and came out. The baby came out afterwards." - via ZibaniaZambia


In interviews with P.M.NEWS this morning, however, many orthodox and traditional medical practitioners described the claim as impossible.

Dr. Banji Filani of Sound Health Centre, Lagos, described the claim as untrue. “It is not  possible.  I don’t believe the story. How can a baby and a tortoise co-habit in a woman’s womb? Medically, it is not possible. Traditionally, it is impossible,” he state


** Click Here: THIS IS THE ALLEGED TORTOISE PHOTO (don't eat while peaking) **



I don't like cats, here is a turtle.