Every day I get emails saying, "Theresa, C'mon, play more new music", or "Play some more rockin' sh*t", "Why are you playing so much of this or that?", etc.

Today, I have to vent and essspresssss myself. (Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose). During the Battle Round today I served up two GEMS! NEW WICKED GEMS!!! Middle Class Rut, "Aunt Betty" and Nico Vega, "Beast"! So, with these new tunes, who won? MUSE, "Panic Station"! REALLY???????  Wha? Bu?? Wha??? *Face Palm*

I finally get that feeling men have when they ask their woman, "Is everything ok?". They say, "Yeah", then three days later the wrath of the devil comes out. I'll never understand some of you, but I will endlessly love you like a good woman would! I love you, now please listen to these damn songs. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S MUSICAL! - Theresa

P.S. You look amazing today

P.S.S Don't forget every day in The All Request Nooner, you can vote for new songs, cover songs and more in the Battle Round. Use it, don't abuse it.  


Middle Class Rut "Aunt Betty"

Here is the entire new Middle Class Rut album Pick Up Your Head


Here is Nico Vega "Beast"