Hamilton County Jail in Cincinnati, Ohio

This man raped and killed his girlfriend's 3-year old daughter back in 1993. Her killed the poor angel her by beating her to death. He will die and his been on death row in Ohio.

This disgusting human had his execution stopped in November when he had one last request. He asked to DONATE HIS ORGANS!!

He asked to donate his organs to sick relatives or the public, but state correction officials quickly turned him down, saying it was logistically impossible. That's when the governor of Ohio delayed the execution so he can study the prisoner's last-minute request. The state will now execute him on July 2, 2014.

I have not found anything on the decision yet. If you see an update on it, please send it my way, Theresa@thebuzz.com. As an organ donor myself, I have a question.

KNOWING HIS CRIME, SHOULD HE BE AN ORGAN DONOR? Would you want his heart if you needed it?