Mughot via Carson City Sheriff Department

Police in Arizona have arrested a man who allegedly branded his initials on his girlfriend's "vaginal area," and then informed her that he did so because "her vagina was his."

According to court documents, Christopher Lynn Jackson, 49, of Chandler, also "bragged" about having done the same to previous girlfriends. The incident, which took place back in May, only came to light last week after Jackson's now-ex-girlfriend brough his a$$ to court.

She said they were at a baseball gamae and when she told him she was too tired to go out after, he offered her an "energy pill". She then PASSES OUT and wakes up feeling pain in her lady region. That's when she saw JACKSON BRANDING HER with branding equipment and a butane torch. He has his initials "CJ"!

Jackson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with serious physical injury.