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**Scroll down for Video Footage of inside mall during shootings**

This story just emerged & it just makes me get a lump in my throat. A four-year-old British boy caught up in the Kenya mall massacre showed astonishing bravery. He actually went up to one of the gunman terrorists and said, " You are a Very Bad Man". The boy was protecting his sister and mother who had been shot in the leg

Incredibly, the attacker took pity on the family and bizarrely handed the children Mars bars before telling them: 'Please forgive me, we are not monsters.'! 

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Al Shabaab terrorists who butchered 62 people in the Nairobi shopping centre. With evey breathe in my body. I pray for every single person who was involved in this horrible act of violence.

EXCLUSIVE Footage Kenya Mall Attack 68 Killed Dead Massacre